The Pre-Staining process refers to materials which are professionally stained and sealed before onsite installation. This process allows for maximum protection of your materials, helping to prolong the life of your home. When you pre-stain material, all six sides of the material are coated which helps the elements of weather. It also prevents trapped moisture, tannin bleed, wood rot, and many more natural effects of aging wood. It provides a longer lasting, more vibrant finish. Pre-staining also eliminates the problems of lap marks, streak lines and over-spray. The following steps are performed when pre-staining materials in a Flood Coat Machine:

  1. Boards are checked for moisture before entering machineprestain-floatingmachine
  2. Operator regulates the amount of coating
  3. Board is flooded, top and bottom with coating
  4. Pressure rollers force coating into surface of board
  5. First set of brushes even out coating in top and bottom
  6. Side brushes evenly coat edges, straight or beveled
  7. Last set of brushes back brush for optimum surface appearance
  8. Boards are checked for proper wet mil thickness (thickness in paint)
  9. Coated board is placed in state of the art drying system that dries boards uniformly and efficiently
  10. Boards can be reinserted through machine for a second coat to repeat process