The various textures on the face of each board can be customized to provide our customers with the look and feel of the lumber they want to enjoy inside and outside their home on a regular basis. No longer needed are simple smooth surfaces on wood. By manipulating the face of the board, it can quite literally change a project to look more rustic, or even more refined. The various texture options which we provide on a regular basis include, but are not limited to:

  • Circle Sawn: Circle sawn lumber is created with a circular saw in a process which cuts an authentic irregular pattern in reclaimed or new lumber to achieve a worn rough sawn look.       A Circle Sawn texture provides a rough and rustic texture to your project.
  • Hewn: To hew a piece of wood is to quite literally strike it forcibly with an ax, chisel, or other heavy duty cutting instrument. By chopping at the wood, or hacking at it, it changes the face of the lumber by giving it a rough, uneven surface.
  • Sanded: A sanded surface is nothing more than a progressively finer and more numerous scratches on the face of the wood. The look of sanded wood is smooth and potentially shiny depending upon the finish (stain) used. Sanded wood is also smooth to the touch.
  • Wire Brushed: Wire brushed wood is simply what the name implies, it is wood that has been scratched with a wire brush. This scratching of the material pulls th soft grain from the growth ring leaving the heart wood exposed to the surface. This helps create a more durable board that is able to mask imperfections in the wood, or mishaps that may occur after a board is installed.

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