Specialty Wood Products offers Trex Elevations steel framing products for your outdoor deck build construction needs in Colorado.

Don’t settle for a substandard substructure

When planning your new deck, it’s important to ensure that its substructure can guarantee safety and lasting beauty through decades of outdoor conditions. Where other deck framing systems may seem sturdy and supportive, only Elevations® can stand the test of time without shifting, splitting, warping, rotting or rusting.


  • Unparalleled strength enables cantilevers and dramatic curved deck designs
  • Longer spans allow for fewer posts and less obstructed views
  • Triple-coated steel offers consistency, durability and reliability that other materials can’t


  • Dimensionally stable steel stays where you install it–no warping
  • Consistent dimensions mean a level run from house to edge
  • Precision engineering ensures surfaces remain flat over time


  • Rot- and termite-proof steel lasts much longer than wood
  • Non-combustible material has Class 1A fire rating
  • Rigorously tested for safety
  • CCRR-0186 code compliance research report approves Elevations® for exterior use
  • Chemical-free, unlike pressure-treated lumber


  • Neutral finish blends with most decking colors making the substructure less visible from above
  • Contains a minimum of 25% recycled steel and is a 100% renewable resource
  • Works beautifully with the Trex® RainEscape® drainage system
  • Backed by the Trex® 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty

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