Speciality Wood Products has all the tropical exotic wood you need for your building and deck projects.

Tropical Hardwoods are an exceptional option for your deck as they are extremely durable, long-lasting product which requires little maintenance over the life of the product. The warm, rich, dark colors of the tropical hardwoods will truly make your new neighbors envious of your new outdoor space.

  • Red Balau is an excellent tropical decking solution with its superior insect and rot resistance properties. It is hard and durable, and carries with it a more consistent color sampling than what you may find in other tropical hardwoods.   The grain is tight with smaller pores which mean you won’t find the striping and raised grain common with other tropical hardwoods.
  • Ipe is an extremely dense and stable product, naturally resistant to rot and decay. In fact, Ipe decking is so dense, it carries a class A fire rating. Once installed, Ipe has shown to have a 40+ year lifespan. It can be left to weather to a silver hue, or with regular treatment of timber oils, it can retain its rich reddish brown color for many years to come.

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