There are Few products that offer a higher level of strength and beauty than a quality custom manufactured Glulam beam. At SWP we offer Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and Douglas Fir Glulams in many sizes, textures and configurations. We feature Architectural grade, Curved, and Pre-fabricated Glulam trusses. There are various textures available as well such as, Wire Brushed, Hewn, and Rough Sawn.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) Glulams

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Gulams provide excellent outdoor durability without the need for additional coatings or treatment. Natural tannins found in the heartwood provide resistance to decay and rot. AYC Glulams are an excellent choice for outdoor use as well as interior. Some of the perfect applications for this product are Bridges, Beams, Trusses, and Arches.

Douglas Fir Glulams

Douglas Fir Glulams provide robust options for textures, shapes, and applications. The beautiful appearance grade of Doug Fir Glulam is perfect for staining or clear coat finishing and provides an eye catching finished product. Some recommended applications are Floor Beams, Roof Beams, Headers, Trusses, and Arches.