Hemlock Siding & Trim

Western Hemlock is a plentiful tree specie from the western United States and Canada. This product has an attractive, and uniform grain pattern. We provide Hemlock with many patterns and milling options. Custom finishing options are available. Please ask your SWP sales representative for a sample today!

Clear Vertical Grain Hemlock (CVG)

Clear Vertical Grain Hemlock has a fine straight grain texture. It is naturally light in color, highly workable, and easy to stain or paint. This product is widely used as interior paneling, molding, and exterior soffit.

Thermally Modified Hemlock (Modlock)

Our Thermally Modified Hemlock also known as “Modlock” has been through a natural, non-toxic process that basically cooks the wood. This process removes organic compounds from the wood cells, so it will not absorb water, expand, contract, or provide food for insects and fungi. “Modlock” is extremely stable and weather resistant. Please ask your SWP sales representative about the many milling and pre-finish options available.

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