Western Red Cedar Siding and Trim

There are always three guarantees with Western Red Cedar – beauty, versatility, and sustainability. WRC works perfectly for both traditional, and cutting-edge modern architectural designs. Aside from being versatile, Real Cedar siding from SWP is environmentally friendly and is sourced from the most sustainably managed forests in the world.

Clear Vertical Grain (VG)

Clear Vertical Grain Cedar has a fine appearance grade due to a face of decay-resistance heartwood and is typically 95%+ knot free. The appearance gives your project a very clean contemporary feel. Clear Vertical Grain Cedar has excellent dimensional stability and hold finishes extremely well.

Select Tight Knot Cedar (STK)

Knots and other natural features define the visual character of knotty cedar. In the Select Tight Knott (STK) grade, knots are sound and tight. Knotty Cedar is available rough or dressed, kiln-dried or unseasoned, smooth or saw textured.