• Sales Order Entry Form:
    If you would like to submit an order to SWP via fax or e-mail, simply complete the attached form and fax/e-mail it to us.
    > Download Sales_Order_Entry_Form.pdf
  • Inventory Line Card:
    This form is an easy breakdown of the various products that SWP stocks.
    > Download Inventory_Line_Card.pdf
  • Credit Application:
    For customers who would like to setup a credit line with SWP, simply complete the attached form and fax/e-mail it to us.
    > Credit Application 2017
  • Project Information Form:
    When submitting your credit application, it is a good idea to also provide us with “project specific” information.  Simply complete the attached form and fax/e-mail it to us with the credit application.
    > Download Project_information_form.pdf 
  • Sales Policy Terms & Conditions:
    If you are looking to establish credit with SWP, you may review this document for information relating to our Sales Terms.
    > Download Sales_Policy_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf
  • Credit Card Authorization:
    If you would like to purchase materials from SWP and you do not have an account with us, you may still do so.  You may send us a check, cash, or provide us with your credit card information.  Please use one of the  forms below for credit card payments.
    > Download Credit Card Authorization for Colorado.pdf
  • Employment Application:
    Use this form if you are looking for a career opportunity with a great company.
    > Download PDF – pdf_employment_application

Other Information