Specialty Wood Products offers building contractors the best quality roofing truss systems in Denver.

Roof Truss Systems: Roof truss systems are designed and engineered using 3D Modeling programs, and are manufactured according to the standards set forth by the Truss Plate Institute (TPI). Once a design is complete, a Detailed Component Book is provided for both review and installation purposes. Quality Engineered wood connector plates are used in construction of all plated wood trusses. For truss to truss connections and heavy uplift bearing conditions, Simpson Strongtie connectors are generally specified.

Each of our trusses is individually designed and engineered using proprietary computer software.

Our Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses are manufactured with the highest quality of grade-stamped lumber, varying from stud to machine stress-rated 2400f-1.8E, in sizes from 2×4 to 2×10 (we do not use 2×3 lumber). We can supply roof trusses up to 80 feet long and 14 feet tall. In addition, we can provide builders in Denver and nearby cities with 4×2 floor trusses up to 24 inches deep and 40 feet long.

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