Specialty Wood Products supplies superior Cedar timbers and beams to building contractors and deck builders throughout Colorado and the Denver metro area.

Cedar is a highly revered durable wood which is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect damage. All of this means that anything you build with cedar will last longer and require less maintenance. The beauty of cedar does not stop with its durability. It is an extremely aesthetic product, which will certainly make any project you build with it a beautiful finished product as well. Cedar is a product which is ideal for accepting, and holding, a wide range of finishes. This means that the end user can customize the look of the product to fit their style and most certainly their dreams.   Natural cedar provides you with a product which is sourced from the most sustainable managed forests in the world. While other building materials generate greenhouse gasses, cedar actual removes greenhouse cases from the atmosphere.

When it comes to timbers, few building materials provide as much beauty as exposed Cedar Timbers. These timbers are not just lovely to look at; they also provide renowned structural characteristics, making it an ideal building material for landscape design, construction, as well as many indoor projects as well. If properly finished and maintained, Cedar Timbers can last for decades due to its superior physical properties. These properties include resistance to warping, twisting, rot, decay and insect attacks. Cedar is also known to be more flame-resistance than most other woods which is why it can be used for interior building applications.

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Many builders worldwide prefer cedar fir for outdoor decks and building framing timbers. It is truly the ideal, general-purpose softwood species for outdoor timber framing in residential, light commercial, industrial construction, and for architectural applications.

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