Specialty Wood Products offer a wide selection of Douglas Fir wood, timber, hardware and decking supplies and styles for all your building construction needs.

FIR: Douglas Fir is often the standard against which all other framing species are measured. Its strength combined with a superior strength-to-weight ratio, excellent dimensional stability, moderate decay resistance of its heartwood, and documented excellent performance record against strong forces resulting from winds, storms and earthquakes, give Douglas Fir its quality reputation. Additionally, it is tight knotted and close grained, adding the bonus of beauty to its structural capabilities.

  • Canyon Kiln Dried:       Canyon Lumber Company is a third generation company which opened its doors in 1907. Canyon manufactures 100% Douglas Fir into a plethora of specialty products. The key to wood strength and performance over time is to dry the wood appropriately to is optimum Moisture Content (MC) depending upon the end products service conditions and the end product’s installation destination.       Kiln-drying is basically a process of placing sawn lumber into kilns where heated air is circulated and the temperature and relative humidity of the kiln is controlled for the purpose of reaching the wood’s equilibrium moisture content.
  • Green:       “Green” refers to wood that has not been kiln dried and generally contains a moisture content greater than 40% when it is cut. While all “Green” lumber is subject to a certain amount of shrinkage and warp, “Green” Doug Fir is more dimensionally stable than most other wood species.

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Specialty Wood Products supplies Douglas Fir timbers to building contractors throughout Colorado and the Denver metro area.

Many builders worldwide prefer Douglas fir for framing timbers. It is truly the ideal, general-purpose softwood species for timber framing in residential, light commercial, industrial construction, and for architectural applications.

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