When designing your new outdoor Pergola or Roof Cover project, your choice of timber species is very important. While Western Red Cedar and Redwood are very common, Douglas fir is often overlooked. Doug Fir has a beautiful appearance, superior strength, has great structural integrity and is extremely versatile.

Our #1&BTR Douglas Fir Timbers are FOHC (Free of heart center), free of wane and selected for appearance. One of the most important features of our Douglas Fir timbers is that they are kiln dried to 19% or less 1” in from all surfaces, with state-of-the-art conventional kilns utilizing a computer controlled low pressure steam system. This process produces a timber that shrinks less and resists warping and twisting.

We offer timbers that are Surfaced Smooth 4 Sides (S4S) and Surfaced Rough 4 Sides (Resawn). We offer most standard sizes from 2×4 to 12×12. Special order sizes and lengths are also available.

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