Specialty Wood Products teams up with FastenMaster to offer new and innovative deck fastening solutions for Colorado Contractors.

Are You Meeting Colorado Deck Code?

Did you know that the critical attachment of your deck to the house using only lag screws or structural wood screws, like the LedgerLOK, might not be good enough to pass code? These connections, although approved for shear loading, are not designed to resist lateral loads that could come from people moving or wind blowing across the deck surface. Denver metro, and other counties in Colorado, are trying to resolve this by adopting lateral tension requirements found in the most current version of the IRC (International Residential Code).

In 2009 the code first provided a detail on how to restrain lateral loads on decks, however, it was labor intensive and difficult to inspect. It called for two lateral tension ties, each capable of transferring 1500 pounds, to be installed on either end of the deck. This connection also required that a pair of ties be installed on both the interior and exterior of the house joined by threaded rod, nuts and washers.

The 2015 code introduced a much easier and less invasive alternative method now being adopted and enforced across much of Colorado. This newer version allows for a single tension tie be attached to the deck joist then fastened by a long screw directly into the sill plate, wall plate or stud – all from the outside. These lateral connections must be designed to resist 750 pounds and installed at four locations along the ledger.

The FastenMaster Lateral Tension System, or LTS, is a system designed to meet this code faster and more intuitively. The LTS is one kit, complete with four tension ties and all the fasteners needed to make these code conforming connections. With its unique design, the installation process is also more flexible than comparable tension connectors.

For a demonstration on how to achieve a code compliant lateral connection in seconds, please view the attached video (https://youtu.be/Thru3DAzmBY), review the product information (https://www.fastenmaster.com/products/lateral-tension-system.html) or contact your local FastenMaster Representative at 800-518-3569.

Specialty Wood Products  is a proud supplier of FastenMaster products. Products are available for Deck Framing, Wall framing, Fascia fastening, color match Deck Screws, and various hidden fastening options for Composite Decking to name a few. Please contact your SWP sales representative at 800-760-8484 to learn more.