Specialty Wood Products is proud to introduce:
Exterior wood Siding for a New Age!

When looking for quality wood siding for your next project one statement always rings true. That statement is “Substrate Matters!”. Starting with a quality substrate is paramount to the performance and lasting beauty of your wood siding. We designed our New Age siding line with that in mind. We started with highly trusted species such as Select Tight Knot Western Red Cedar, and Thermally Modified Hemlock to ensure that this product line stands up to the harsh Colorado elements.

New Age Rustic:
For our New Age Rustic line of exterior wood siding, we start with Western Red Select Tight Knot Cedar. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks. Which makes it incredibly low maintenance. We then add a wire brush texture to the face to bring out the natural wood grain, and to allow the finish to adhere better. We then apply a beautiful 2 tone finish. This 2-coat finish is available in 6 striking color options.

New Age Modern:
Our New Age Modern line of wood siding provides a clean vertical grain look for the popular modern aesthetic architects and designers are looking for. We start with a substrate of Clear Vertical grain Thermally Modified Hemlock. Wood that has been treated with Thermal Modification has been through a natural nontoxic process that basically cooks the wood, which removes organic compounds from the wood cells. This limits the woods’ ability to absorb water, expand and contract, and provide food for insects or fungi. Our Thermally Modified Hemlock is incredibly stable and resists warping and cupping. We texture the face of the wood by wire brushing to bring out the stunning vertical grain and to aid the adhesion of the stain. An attractive 2 coat finish is then added to produce a beautiful final product.





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