When choosing which timbers to source for your next project, many things must be considered, but two are especially important…appearance and stability. Building a custom home or outdoor living space with timbers adds undeniable beauty and craftsmanship but choosing the right timber for our dry Colorado climate is key. At Specialty Wood Products we are proud to supply the best timbers available in the Western United States, and those are Canyon Lumber timbers.

Canyon Lumber has been kiln drying high grade Douglas Fir Timbers since 1907 and has been recognized both nationally and internationally for both quality and customer satisfaction. Canyon prides itself on selecting only the highest grade KD timbers based on size, grain and overall appearance. Only about 30% of logs from a standard sort are good enough to meet their high standard of excellence prior to manufacturing.

Logs are processed into orders by an amazing team of operators using state of the art computer-controlled equipment. Canyon’s modern conventional dry kilns utilize a low-pressure steam system. The entire process is monitored by computers from start to finish carefully controlling the temperature and humidity to insure product stability, high quality, and structural integrity during the drying process.

Canyon’s #1&Btr Douglas Fir Timbers are Free of heart center (FOHC), selected for appearance, and are kiln dried to 19% or less 1” from all surfaces. This process means that these timbers will perform well in Colorado’s volatile climate and look beautiful for years to come.

Canyon always maintains an inventory of several million board feet of KD Douglas Fir products. Their #1&Btr. FOHC inventory includes 3×4 through 14×14 up to 32 feet and can be S4S, resawn or rough. The 4×4 through 4×12 S4S KD #2&Btr. eased edge and the 2×4 through 2×12 rough squared edged KD fascia are in lengths of 8 to 20 feet.

Please call a Specialty Wood Product sales representative today to get more information or to order these excellent timbers from Canyon Lumber.

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