Invisiwrap UV

SWP is proud to offer Inviswrap UV by Benjamin Obdyke. This high performance black housewrap is perfect for use with a rainscreen as it provides excellent UV protection, durability, and water drainage. It can be used with siding openings up to 2 inches and carries a 25 year open joint system warranty.

Hydroflash UV

Hydroflash UV is a high performance tape that works especially well in conjunction with Invisiwrap UV housewrap. Hydroflash UV is rated for long-term UV stability for open cladding systems, and provides excellent adhesion and durability. We are offering 2.3”, 4”, 6”, and 9”rolls.

Batten UV

This extremely versatile batten product for open joint cladding applications offers numerous advantages over conventional systems. It is UV rated, offers compression resistance, and with its notched design it provides multidirectional airflow and drainage. SWP offers in 1.5”x8’ lengths.