Specialty Wood Products is proud to be your source for one of the finest producers of Thermally Modified wood building materials in the world. Thermory’s line of high-quality wood cladding and wood decking products are now in stock and just a call away.

Thermory is one of the world’s largest producers of thermally modified wood and has been doing it at the highest level for more than 20 years. This level of experience and quality can be seen in every product they offer. From the many options of exterior cladding to the wide selection of exterior decking products, Thermory should be on your short list when designing your next project.

Thermory uses a special process by placing the wood in state-of-the-art chambers that are heated to reduce the moisture level of wood over a two-day period to the lowest level possible. When heated, the wood’s properties and chemical makeup are changed. Only heat and steam are used in this process, and it takes the skillful hands of very experienced workers to control the sensors in each of the heating chambers via computer. Unlike other methods using chemicals, Thermory’s process modifies the wood completely through instead of just the outer shell.


Thermal modification of wood produces many benefits to consumers such as enhanced stability by lowering the ability to absorb moisture and swell. The wood’s durability is greatly improved due to its properties becoming less available to pests and rot. No chemicals or toxic substances are used in the modification process, so the material is safe for both the installer and the environment.

The Thermory’s Line of Modified Wood Cladding

The Thermory Cladding line is loaded with multiple species and textures. The benchmark Thermo-Ash line is a warm and beautiful alternative to tropical hardwoods. Thermo-Ash has been a flagship product in the Thermory line for years. If you are looking for a timeless aesthetic that only softwoods can produce, then the Thermo-Pine and Thermo-Radiata Pine offerings are a great choice.


Another amazing cladding offering from Thermory is the Ignite line. This is a perfect alternative to burning and charring wood. Over time the char tends to fall off and tarnish, leaving the wood exposed and looking rough. Thermory Ignite is embossed with the signature dragon-scale pattern and then finished with a water based semi-translucent black stain.


The NEW Thermory Stripes line of modified wood cladding brings beauty and character to your outdoor or indoor space. Thermory Stripes is available in either the knotty Thermo-Spruce or the clean and modern Thermo-Radiata Pine. Thermory Stripes is factory painted and easy to install.


Thermory decking has been an industry leader for years. This real wood decking produces a warm, inviting, and a timeless space for friends and family to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Thermory Thermo-Ash decking is very durable and stable. With many installation options available such as hidden fasteners and end matched joints, this is a perfect choice for your next decking project.

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