Modified wood siding and decking is becoming a very popular choice with both architects and consumers alike. It’s long-lasting beauty and performance make it stand out as a versatile option for your next project. While most modified siding and decking available today uses a thermal process to heat the wood to induce changes in the cell structure, there is one product that does things differently. Accoya uses a process called acetylation to produce an extremely stable, durable, high performing, and sustainable lumber product.

Accoya is a softwood species called Radiata Pine that is subjected to a very strong Vinegar solution at high temperatures which increases the level of moisture resistant properties in the wood. This process changes the pine into more of a hardwood. Another major benefit of this process is that it creates an environment in the wood that resists unwanted fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Accoya uses only sustainable lumber that has been responsibly harvested from fast growing trees from sustainably certified forests. Accoya is FSC certified, compliant with European Union Timber Regulation, and the USA’s Lacey Act. Through massive research and testing Accoya stands behind its product with an unrivaled warranty! 50 years for above ground use and 25 years for in ground or freshwater use.

Specialty Wood Products has a large inventory of full rough Accoya in stock! We carry Accoya in both 5/4 and 6/4 stock ready to be milled to the profile of your choice. Please contact your SWP sales representative today for more information.

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