Regular care and maintenance of your beautiful composite deck and outdoor living space is very important and could not be easier. While composite decking is a very low maintenance product, there are a few things you can do regularly and annually to keep it looking and performing it’s best for years to come.


A good first step each season is to inspect your deck and its structural components.

  • Check all railing components for sturdiness.
  • Look for cracks in support posts, joists, and ledgers.
  • Make sure your fasteners are not showing signs of rust.
  • Inspect your decking to make sure no boards are loose or need replaced.
  • Make sure your deck has adequate ventilation underneath. This allows your deck and its structural components to dry properly.
  • Make sure all downspouts are secure and directed away from your deck surface and structural components.
  • A professional deck inspector can be called in at a reasonable cost to help ensure that your deck is structurally sound and ready for each season.

It is important to maintain your deck in all weather conditions.

  • Be sure to avoid standing water on your deck surface. This helps to reduce mold and mildew and avoid any unnecessary staining.
  • When removing snow from your deck make sure not to use sharp metal shovels or ice picks as they can damage your deck boards.
  • When removing ice it is best to use a clear ice melt or rock salt formula to prevent staining.
  • A properly inspected deck will help prevent wind and rain damage.


Keeping your deck clean is key. Be sure to sweep the surface regularly with a non-abrasive broom or leaf blower. It is very important to clean the gaps between boards of all debris to make sure there is proper drainage. Liquid soap and water will clean and freshen the surface and the use of a pressure washer is ok as long as you keep the psi below 3000 and use a fan nozzle at least 8-10 inches above the surface to avoid damage. The use of bio-degradable cleaners for deep cleaning is great but please consult your decking manufacturer for a cleaner recommended for your product. Food and grease spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent stains. A soft bristle brush and warm soapy water should do the trick. Be sure not to use acetone or other solvent to prevent voiding your warranty.

It is a great idea to use woven rugs or mats that don’t have rubber bottoms to prevent mold and staining. Also use soft pads on furniture legs to prevent scratching and damage to the deck surface. Grill mats made from PVC can help protect the deck surface from grease spills and stains but make sure the mat does not have a rubber backing.

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