Embrace the space with Rainscreen Systems.

When achieving a functional wood or composite siding system is the goal, no one product will get the job done. It takes a team of products working together to create a moisture resistant siding system. One of the key objectives is to create space between the wall and siding with a rainscreen system.


The main goal of a proper rainscreen system is moisture management. Removing moisture and water vapor from a wall system as quickly as possible is paramount. Moisture comes at us from various sources including rain/snow, condensation, and even sprinkler systems. By creating space for proper ventilation in the wall, moisture is allowed to escape, and air can circulate properly, keeping things dry and prolonging the life of the system.

The backbone of a great rainscreen system is a properly installed WRB (weather-resistant barrier). The WRB should be free of rips, breaks, and open holes caused by fasteners. A quality house wrap tape such as Hydroflash UV from Benjamin Obdyke can be used to shore up any flaws and create a seamless barrier. The next step is to create the proper amount of ventilation space between the cladding and WRB. One of the best ways to create that space is with engineered drainage and ventilation mats, or specially designed furring strips. These innovative products provide additional benefits not found in traditional wood furring strips.

In order to achieve a properly ventilated rainscreen system, there must be openings at the top and bottom of the wall for air intake and exhaust. This, in conjunction with cross ventilating furring strips, creates a convection effect neutralizing the space, allowing water to drain and circulation of air to dry the wall components.

In Summary, moisture inside your wall system can lead to costly damage from mold and rot which compromises the structural integrity of a home. By installing a proper rainscreen system and using quality components, you can extend the life of the walls, siding, paints/stains, and save valuable time and money over the life of a home or building.

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