Is Western Red Cedar quite possibly the best product available today for your exterior siding, decking, or timber project? Let us tell you why the answer is yes!

Real Cedar siding elevates your home to another level of warmth and beauty.  Try as they might, the look, the feel and the scent of natural wood just cannot be duplicated. That is why synthetic just doesn’t compare to the real thing – odd, considering composite materials actually cost more than Real Cedar.

Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks. Which makes it incredibly low maintenance whereas a lot of composite materials require more upkeep because they do not have any natural defenses against things like mildew. As well, manufactured products are susceptible to fading due to sun exposure – only unlike Real Cedar; most manufactured materials cannot be restored or refinished once their color has faded. If you are looking for a real wood siding, decking, and timber product that lasts decades and just keeps getting better with age, then Real Cedar is the way to go.

Here in Colorado we are always concerned about the environmental footprint our siding, decking, and timber products will leave behind? With Real Cedar, you are using one of the most sustainable building materials available. It produces the least greenhouse gas, air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. Not only that – Western Red Cedar lumber is harvested from the most sustainably managed forests in the world.

Western Red Cedar is free of pitch and resin, which means it takes to stains, oils, and finishes exceptionally well. So, your finishing options are pretty much limitless. The same goes the style you choose. For example, you can go for the warm traditional feel of Beveled edge, or you can streamline your home’s look with some modern Tongue and Groove. You can also go with one of the more popular looks today with the timeless Board and Batten.  And then there’s texture – Specialty Wood Products offers many options such as Clear grade for a crisp, contemporary look. Or choose Select Tight Knot for some added rustic charm. We can apply a Wire Brushed texture and even a 24-grit sanded texture for a lightly roughed surface.

Project costs are always a huge concern, and you can save with Real Cedar siding. Not only does it cost less up front than composite materials, but thanks to its low density, Western Red Cedar is a natural thermal insulator. If you are looking for a naturally beautiful product that doesn’t just look great, but also keeps your heating and AC bills down, Real Cedar is a great choice.

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