Thermally modified decking and cladding from Thermory sets the bar for unrivaled longevity and rot resistance in a natural wood product. Thermory’s natural modification process is proven and reliable for a simply beautiful result.

Thermory White Ash and Scotts Pine is thermally modified using only heat and steam. The process delivers a product that is consistent in quality. The heat alters the wood while the steam provides the engineers at Thermory complete control. The results rival tropical wood in durability and beauty.

Thermory’s milling process called Smooth-Kissed Milling is one of the industry’s best. Each board is milled smooth and straight for optimum consistency.

As with all wood products Thermory will naturally fade over time if not treated but it will not affect the rot resistance or stability. It is recommended to treat Thermory with a penetrating oil with stain to retain the rich brown color. Or you can allow it to age naturally to a beautiful silver-gray by leaving it untreated. The natural aging process usually happens withing the first 6 months.

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