When Strength meets beauty. The benefits of steel framing and railing on your next deck project.
Need Steel framing and railing on your next Deck project? Colorado Custom deck builder shares his thoughts on how the strength and beauty of steel should be considered when planning your new outdoor living space.

We interviewed Phillip Purdy from StoneCroft Construction ( www.stonecroftconstruction.com ) in Colorado Springs Co. to get more insight on the features and benefits of steel framing and railing on exterior decks and other outdoor living projects.

1:  Please tell us a little about yourself, and what brought you to the world of Custom Deck building?

I came to Colorado from Kansas with some construction background in 2012.  After I started my own business here, I met a guy who already had built over 150 decks.  He taught me the ropes of deck building.  It seemed like a great fit for my personality.  We love working outside and we love building.  Decks allow for both.

 2: Please tell us what makes StoneCroft unique in a very diverse industry of qualified Custom Deck builders in Colorado?

There are many great Custom Deck Builders in Colorado.  I think our steel frame stairs are the thing that makes us most unique.  We only build with steel and even the stairs.  Second, is our commitment to quality, strength and beauty.  We want our decks to be as strong as they are beautiful and as beautiful as they are strong.

 3: StoneCroft only builds decks with Steel Framing and specifically uses Fortress Steel Framing. Please expand on your reasoning behind this?

I looked into steel having built with it while back in Kansas.  The price of the steel framing was so close, I decided to take the leap.  I reached out to Fortress and they were beta testing the Fortress Evolutions product.  Once I saw it, I was all in.  I could see all the possibilities.  We have installed 56 Fortress Evolutions Framed decks in the last two and a half years and there is no looking back.

 4: What types of decking products do you like to use on your projects?

We build mostly with Trex Transcends, but we also offer Timbertech Reserve and Deckorator’s Voyage.  A few of the steel frame decks received actual Mahogany decking.  Those are super nice and so strong.  Most of the top end decking products are very similar.  We show the customer both the good and the bad about composite decking and let them choose.  This way we don’t have any surprise if it scratches or fades.

 5: Please expand on the features and benefits Fortress steel railing brings to your Custom Deck Builds?

Steel railings have a sense of timeless elegance about them.  They are strong, yet sleek preserving our beautiful mountain views in Colorado Springs.  They are corrosion resistant which is great for our Colorado weather.  We really appreciate their strength as this is part of our company philosophy.  Finally, Fortress Railing is so easy to work with on the install side.

 6: What direction do you see the Custom Deck industry going in the future?

I see the customer’s demand for quality outdoor living spaces increasing in the near future.  Customers are tired of staining and replacing decks.  They want solutions that will require low to no maintenance.  They seem to also really value quality of construction both in strength and beauty.  Aesthetics are becoming increasingly important.  Hopefully this wave lasts a long time.